Have you considered Vinyl?

Say the words Vinyl flooring and most people find themselves recoiling, images of the green speckled vinyl of the 80’s or brown pattered faux tiles of the 60’s come to mind.

We’re here to tell you that vinyl has come a long way and that not only is it aesthetically pleasing, it’s also a really practical choice for your home.


Fair Price Featured on FIVEaa’s Best of SA

We are very proud to announce that Fair Price is one of 14 businesses currently being featured as part of FIVEaa’s ‘Best of SA’. FIVEaa’s ‘Best of SA’ is about celebrating and profiling some of the great brands in our state so needless to say we where honoured to be chosen.

You may have caught us on the radio last week speaking to FIVEaa about our Fair Price Flooring range and the importance of supporting local SA businesses. We ourselves always look to work with local SA manufacturers wherever possible and are passionate about continuing to grow the Made in SA community because we believe no one will understand the needs of the community better than a local. By supplying local products we know that they will be built to suit our climate, tastes and have the quality that SA consumers have come to expect.

On air we also helped give away some flooring vouchers and tickets to the Best of SA VIP event held at The InterContinental on Friday 24th June where we will get to celebrate with all the other great SA Businesses. If you are one of the lucky winners we look forward to seeing you there!


Trend We’re Loving – 50 Shades of Brown

Most timber or laminate floors will have some variation in colour, as all natural fibres do. We are loving the latest trend; to enhance these different tones by mixing multiple colours to achieve a more dramatic and impactful look. The lighter and darker tones then make it easier for you to match furniture and other decorating material.